How To Choose Creative Email Names?

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It can sometimes be difficult to find cool email address ideas that are still available. Many times, you have an idea for a creative email address, but your preferred name is already taken. If your name is widely used, like John Smith, or you work in a popular industry, this is especially true. It may be difficult, but it does not mean it is impossible! Here are some examples of email addresses with available name combinations:
1. Please use the first letter of your first name and your full last name; e.g. J. Smith.
2. Make sure to include your middle name; for example, john.martin.smith.
3. Use your nickname plus your last name, such as johnny.smith.
4. Reverse the word order, e.g. smith.john
5. Include special characters, Like "." or "-" or "_"
6. Include something else about you.

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